Uday Kanitkar began his career in a field of printing technology, where the accuracy of colour and it’s true reproduction, extreme detailing, technical superiority is a top priority. Using cameras as huge as 15 feet in length, exposing and developing giant 60 inch films  (in complete darkness!), provided ample opportunities to learn, and work in a fashion where the result is predictable, and FAIL-PROOF.

This wonderful & extensive experience of giant cameras and films acted as a magnet towards pure photography, or photography as we call it today. All the previous learning experiences helped in meticulous planning, ability to foresee shortcomings, and predicting desired effect.

This photographic knowledge was implemented to provide commercial photography services to various companies, design studios and individuals. The photographic services provided are from basic catalogue photography for printed catalogues, e-commerce sites, product VR photography, on site shooting for industries, hospitals and clinics, factories, interior and architectural photography, panoramic photography, and outdoor VR photography.

He also shares his extensive photographic knowledge through IPS,

an institute providing various photographic courses.


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